Vendor Sharing

Effective Date: May 1, 2020

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act, we are obligated to disclose to you the categories of third-party vendors we've shared certain categories of consumer personal information with, and for what purpose, within the preceding twelve months. The following is an up to date list of our consumer personal information sharing practices:

Vendor CategoryDescription
Cloud Service ProviderCloud provider used for hardware, storage, servers, data center space, and network components
Consumer Analysis ServicesSoftware as a service used to analyze visitor clicks and navigation to improve Credit Genie products, services, and visitor experiences
Bank Account AggregationUsed to compile and connect members financial information from different accounts (which may include bank, credit card, investment and other business accounts)
Debt Servicing PartnersCompanies that work directly with Credit Genie and its customers to provide debt management services to the customer