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Credit Genie can help lower your monthly credit card payments today. It's completely FREE.

Over 10,000 customers have used Credit Genie to help reduce their credit card debt

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Lower your total debt, and monthly payments

Apply online in minutes, and we'll complete your analysis right away.

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Credit Genie puts you on the path to becoming debt free.

Completely FREE

Your creditors cover the cost so you don't have to.

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You don't have to keep track of multiple payments.

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A full end to end experience for managing your debt.

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We'll gather your personal details and verify your email to create your account.


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Allow Credit Genie to pull your credit report so that we can verify your credit card balances. This will not impact your credit score.


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Provide some information to help determine your income and expenses.


See how much you can save

Review and accept debt relief offers from your creditors.


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We take data protection extremely seriously. That's why Credit Genie uses bank level 256 bit SSL end to end encryption on all data. Credit Genie does not share your data without your authorization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Credit Genie?
Credit Genie is a FREE service that works directly with your creditors to reduce your debt payments to a level you can afford to pay.
How can Credit Genie provide this service for free?
Credit Genie works closely with your lenders and with you to ensure you can repay your debts. We verify your financial information, negotiate with your lenders, and consolidate your debt repayments. Lenders pay Credit Genie a flat monthly fee for this service so it is completely free to you.
When can I find out how much I can save?
Start an application for debt relief to find out how much you can save. Credit Genie will analyze your financial information and present you with this number, so that before you submit your application, you'll know your potential lifetime savings.
How do I pay my creditors?
When you are enrolled in a debt relief plan with Credit Genie, we'll ask for your checking account information and agree on your debt repayment schedule. Each month, per the repayment schedule, we'll debit your checking account and distribute the funds to your lenders.

Become debt free with Credit Genie