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Why Credit Genie?


Faster Cash

Credit Genie's Cash Advance is deposited into your account the next business day.1

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Better Insights

Get a detailed view of your spending activities so you can manage your money like a pro. Spend less, save more, and avoid fees and penalties.

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Less debt

Credit Genie works with the nation's largest and most trusted debt relief partners to reduce your debt. Say hello to lower APRs and lower monthly payments2.

1Cash Advance requests made on a business day before 5pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) are processed on the next business day. Requests made on a non-business day, or after 5pm EST are processed on the second business day.

2APR and Principal Balance amount reductions will vary depending on the Debt Relief plan you choose. Consumers that enroll in Debt Management Plans see credit card debt APRs reduced to an average of 3%. Consumers that enroll in Debt Settlement Plans for credit card debt see Principal Balance reduced to an average of 70% of the original.

How Credit Genie Works

Install and Sign Up

Get Credit Genie's mobile app and securely set up an account... it only takes about a minute. No credit check.

Get a Cash Advance

Tap to get a cash advance right away. Repay us when you get paid. No interest. No credit check.

Control Your Money

Keep tabs on your spending habits and get alerts to keep you firmly in control of your cash. Also, take advantage of debt relief options to lower your credit card payments.


Real, human support

We care deeply about our customers. So when you need help, a real person will reach out to to you.


Safe and secure

We use bank level 256 bit SSL encryption on all data.