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Get a cash advance of up to $100 whenever you need it. No interest. No credit check. No kidding!

Why Credit Genie?


Faster Cash

Get a Cash Advance within minutes with "Instant Delivery"1

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Better Insights

Get a detailed view of your spending activities so you can manage your money like a pro. Spend less, save more, and avoid fees and penalties.

1Instant Delivery is available to qualified consumers via a linked debit card

How Credit Genie Works

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Get Credit Genie's mobile app and securely set up an account... it only takes about a minute. No credit check.

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Tap to get a cash advance right away. Repay us when you get paid. No interest. No credit check.

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Keep tabs on your spending habits and get alerts to keep you firmly in control of your cash.


Safe and secure

We use bank level 256 bit SSL encryption on all data.