Cut your credit card payments by up to 30%*

We work with your credit card companies to lower your monthly payments and consolidate them into a single monthly payment through a Debt Management Plan... and it's completely FREE.

No minimum credit score required

Over 15,000 customers have used Credit Genie to help reduce their credit card debt

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The smart way to becoming debt free

Because we think it's unfair that a credit card can take over 20 years to pay off, we've created a service to help you reduce your debt payments by up to 30% and pay off your debt 3 times faster.

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Banks Make Billions

Credit card companies make over $100 billion in finance charges every year.

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Over 500 Million Credit Cards

The average American has 4 credit cards totaling over $5,000 of debt, with half unable to pay more than the required minimum.

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Limited Options to Refinance

Credit Card companies no longer offer interest-free balance transfers or personal loans to refinance high interest credit card debt.

How Credit Genie works

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Apply in minutes

It's fast and simple. Answer a few income and expense questions. Credit Genie will complete a soft credit bureau pull (this will not impact your credit) to analyze your debts so you can receive a debt relief offer within 5 minutes.

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Lower your payments

Credit Genie has partnered with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling to work directly with your creditors to lower your APR and reduce your monthly payments.

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Simplify your payments

Rather than taking out a new loan to pay off your existing debt, Credit Genie simplifies your payments by lowering them into one single monthly payment, and pays your creditors directly.

Why Credit Genie?

Completely FREE

We believe you shouldn't have to pay a penny to get debt relief. No subscription fees. No tips. Your creditors cover the cost.

No minimum credit score required

Credit Genie's debt relief solutions are personalized based on your personal financial situation.

Pay off debt up to 3x faster

Enroll into bank sponsored debt relief programs that have helped over 100,000 consumers so that you can pay off your debt within 3-5 years.


Support when you need it

We'll connect you with non-profit credit counselors to guide you every step of the way


Private and secure

Your financial information is never disclosed to anyone other than your creditors. We use bank level 256 bit SSL encryption on all data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Credit Genie?

Credit Genie is a free service that helps you lower your credit card payments and pay off debt faster.

What is debt relief?

Debt relief (also referred to as a Debt Management Plan) helps reduce your debt by lowering your interest rate and paying it off in equal monthly installments over a specified term (typically 3-5 years). There are no new financing requirements, nor are there any minimum credit score requirements. Debt Management Plans are sponsored by most large creditors and offered by non-profit credit counseling agencies.

What are the benefits of a Debt Management Plan?

Because Debt Management Plans are accepted by many creditors, there is no disruption to your monthly payments. As a result, Debt Management Plans typically have less of an impact to your personal credit score than many other debt relief solutions.

How is this service provided for free?

Credit Genie works closely with non-profit credit counseling agencies that manage your debt management plan to eliminate any fees associated with these plans.

When can I find out how much I can save?

Start an application for debt relief to find out how much you can save. Credit Genie will analyze your financial information and present you with this number, so that before you submit your application, you'll know your potential lifetime savings.