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Get a Cash Advance1 of up to $100. No interest. No credit check. No kidding!

Why Credit Genie?


Instant Cash2

Get a Cash Advance within minutes2 with "Instant Delivery"*

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Better Insights

Get a view of your spending activities so you can manage your money like a pro. Spend less, save more, and avoid fees and penalties.

*Instant Delivery is available to qualified consumers via a linked debit card

How Credit Genie Works

Install and Sign Up

Get Credit Genie's mobile app and securely set up an account. Then, connect your bank account... it only takes a few minutes.

Apply for a Cash Advance1

See if you qualify for a Cash Advance of up to $100.

Control Your Money

Keep tabs on your spending habits and get alerts to keep you firmly in control of your cash.

1. Customers must connect a bank account to Credit Genie to apply for a Cash Advance. Not all users who apply for a Cash Advance will qualify. Credit Genie charges a monthly fee to maintain a user's bank account connection. Paying a monthly bank connection fee does not guarantee approval for a Cash Advance. Users can disconnect a bank account from Credit Genie at any time within the app.

2. To receive funds instantly, users must select the "Instant Delivery" option (additional fees apply). Most users who choose "Instant Delivery" receive their funds within 30 minutes.


Safe and secure

We use bank level 256 bit SSL encryption on all data.